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Welcome to The Healing Place 


Although we are officially Living Stone Fellowship, because of the way that God has moved in miracles and healing throughout the ministry of the church, the community began calling us The Healing Place. Soon we embraced the fact that We are "The Healing Place”. We felt that this is the way God wanted us to be known, thus we embraced what people were calling us and we are now The Healing Place at Living Stone Fellowship.


A Word from our Pastor

Welcome to our website and thanks for taking the time to check us out. We are looking forward to seeing you in person soon and have confidence that as you look us over, you will realize that we are a family of believers whose banner over us is ‘Love.’  We are committed to Sharing the Love of the Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit by faithfully reaching out and sharing This love with everyone in our world. 

You can join us every Sunday at 10AM or you can visit us via Live Stream on this website. We are a place ‘Where Miracles Happen.’  A place where you will find help for whatever you may be going through; and a place where you will find hope for your future so you can begin to dream again.

Pastor Jean

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