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The Healing Place is part of the Global Awakening Network. As such we can accomplish more together. Global Awakening Network is a family of ministry leaders, pastors, and missionaries connected through relationship to accomplish more together than we can alone.


The Healing Place is part of One Voice Pastors Network which strives to seek genuine love and unity among Pastors in the Lehigh Valley region as together they commit to one another’s well-being and the well-being of their congregations through weekly prayer.

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The Healing Place partners with Share The Power which was formed in 1991 to unify, strengthen, and encourage pastors, ministry leaders, and the body of Christ here in the Lehigh Valley. Together we continue to pray that the presence of the Holy Spirit would permeate our Valley bringing salvations, healings, and blessings to every facet of our life, and the life of our local government officials so that we might enjoy His favor and live in peace and security.

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