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September at Living Stone Fellowship

“Knowing Him

This month, we are focusing on Knowing HIM. In this series, we will get to know our God better, as we look at the three persons of the Trinity, and the Trinity together. 

September  3 - A People who Know The Savior

September 10 - A People who Know The Spirit

September 17 - A People who Know Their God

September 24 - A People who Know The Trinity


July at Living Stone Fellowship

“Dial in Your Destiny

 This month Indiana Jones is once again hitting the big screen, this time in search of the Dial of destiny. At Living Stone Fellowship, We will be Dialing in Our Destiny..… 

July 2 - Destiny Decided

July 9 - Destiny Desired

July 16 - Destiny Discovered

July 23 - Destiny Derailed

July 30 - Destiny Delivered


March at The Healing Place


In this series we are looking at Prophets in the Bible to learn from their lives and message how we can Tune into God for ourselves

March 5 – Bold and Beautiful  ​

March 12 – Honor

March 19 – Brokeness  

March 26 – Hope


February at The Healing Place


In this series we are looking at Prophets in the Bible to learn from their lives and message how we can Tune into God for ourselves

February 5 – God’s Mouthpiece  ​

February 12 –Faithfulness

February 19 – Revelation 

February 26 – Super Natural

November at The Healing Place

Beyond Limits”

God has promised us a Life beyond limits. In this series we will look at: 


November 6 – Transforming Beyond Limits

November 13 –Power Beyond Limits

November 20 – Reaching Beyond Limits 

November 27 – Thankfulness Beyond Limits (In person Only)


October at The Healing Place

Cast Your Vote”

As we approach what could be one of the most significant elections for our nations future, we will examine what God has to say about the issues that we hear about in the Media.

October 2 - God’s view of Life 

October 9 - God’s view of Gender 

October 16 - God’s view of The Environment 

October 23 - God’s view of Race

October 30 - God’s view of The Economy (Miracle Service In person only no Livestream)


August at The Healing Place

Entering In”

August 7 - The Presence

August 14 - The Fellowship

August 21 - The Mission

August 28. - The Super Natural 


July at The Healing Place

“God's Covenant Promises”

God has made several promises to us in his word. In this series we are looking at the promises that are part of God’s Covenant Promise to us.

    July 3  - Promise of Freedom

    July 10 - Promise of Provision

    July 17 - Promise of Life

    July 24 - Promise of Presence 

    July 30 - Promise of Healing (Service will take place at Kingdom Life Family Center.) 


June at The Healing Place

“D.A.D. - Deep Abiding Devotion”

Devotion to Him, is something that God is looking for in our lives. This month in honor of Father’s day we are looking at things that need to be incorporated into our spiritual lives as modeled by different men in the Bible. Join us this month in establishing a Deep Abiding Devotion in your life!

    June 5  - David: Extravagant Worship

    June 12 - Abraham: Radical Faith

    June 19 - Daniel: Unwavering Commitment

    June 26 - Elijah: Calling down Fire 


May at The Healing Place

“M.O.M. - Moving Onto Maturity”

Maturity is something that we as Believers need to move towards. This month, in honor of Mother's Day, we will be looking at various women in the Bible to glean characteristics that will help us Move onto Maturity.

    May 1 - Miriam: Greater Passion

    May 8 - Deborah: Inspirational Leadership

    May 15 - Esther: Dauntless Courage (NO LIVESTREAM) 

    May 22 - Ruth: The Mystery of the Two Loaves 

    May 29 - Hannah: See the Supernatural


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