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October at Living Stone Fellowship

“Faith vs. Fear

Join us in October as we explore Faith vs. Fear. October is notorious for a focus on fear. However, currently there is so much going on in the Media, from viruses, to calamities, to wars and rumors of wars that are trying to instill fear into the hearts and minds of people. We are told in Matthew 24:6 not to let our hears be troubled. So, this month at Living Stone Fellowship we are looking at how to have Faith instead of Fear.  

October 1 - The Eyes of Faith 

October 8 - The Ears of Faith   

October 15 - The Heart of Faith 

October 22 - The Mind of Faith 

October 29 - The Life of Faith


September at Living Stone Fellowship

“Knowing Him

This month, we are focusing on Knowing HIM. In this series, we will get to know our God better, as we look at the three persons of the Trinity, and the Trinity together. 

September  3 - A People who Know The Savior

September 10 - A People who Know The Spirit

September 17 - A People who Know Their God

September 24 - A People who Know The Trinity


July at Living Stone Fellowship

“Dial in Your Destiny

 This month Indiana Jones is once again hitting the big screen, this time in search of the Dial of destiny. At Living Stone Fellowship, We will be Dialing in Our Destiny..… 

July 2 - Destiny Decided

July 9 - Destiny Desired

July 16 - Destiny Discovered

July 23 - Destiny Derailed

July 30 - Destiny Delivered


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